💘The History and Traditions of Valentine’s Day 🥰

💘The History and Traditions of Valentine’s Day 🥰

Valentine’s Day is a celebration observed in many countries around the world every February 14th. But where does this tradition come from and what are its origins?

The history of Valentine’s Day dates back to ancient Rome, where it was believed that in February, birds began to mate. To celebrate this event, the Romans held festivities called “The Lupercalia”, during which young singles were paired by lottery.

The Catholic Church later Christianized this celebration, naming it after Saint Valentine, in honor of several martyr saints named Valentine. The most popular legend connects Valentine to romantic love: he allegedly secretly married soldiers forbidden to marry to strengthen their family ties.

Today, Valentine’s Day is celebrated by exchanging cards, gifts, and flowers among lovers. Romantic dinners, getaways, and gestures of affection are also common. It’s an opportunity for many to declare their love and strengthen their bonds with their partners.

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