Refunds and Returns Policy

Refunds and Returns Policy

YOTTAMALL store Refund Policy

When can YOTTAMALL process my refund?

When you pay for an item through the Buy Now button, your purchase is covered by our Buyer Protection.

Thanks to Buyer Protection, you can receive a refund, if the order:

Is not significantly consistent with the seller’s description, or

+ Has not been delivered, or

+ Has been damaged during delivery, or

+ Has been canceled by YOTTAMALL, or

+ Has been canceled manually by you or the seller

  • If the item you ordered does not please you or simply does not fit, unfortunately, it is not possible to request a refund from YOTTAMALL. In this type of situation, you can try to discuss with the seller about a possible amicable return. You can also put the item in question back on sale in your online store on YOTTAMALL.

How long do I have to request a refund?

If you cancel the transaction, or if it has been canceled by the seller or by YOTTAMALL, you will be refunded automatically.

In other cases, to request a refund, you will have to click on the “I have a problem” button, respecting the following conditions:

· Within 2 days of delivery of the item, if it is significantly not as described by the seller, or damaged

· Within 2 days of the expected delivery date if your item has not arrived

  • If you consider that the item received is significantly not in accordance with its description and you click on the “I have a problem” button within 2 days of delivery, we will block the payment while you contact the seller . Simply explain to him the problem encountered with the article, and it is very likely that you will manage to find an amicable solution.
  • If you agree that you (the buyer) keep the item, click the Resolve Dispute button in your chat with the seller, and payment will be forwarded to them.

On the contrary, if you cannot find a solution between yourselves, contact us so that we can decide, and decide the outcome of the situation.

Note: If you do not respect the deadlines mentioned above, or if you click on “Everything is OK” within 2 days of delivery of the item, your purchase will be finalized, and the payment will be automatically sent to the seller .

Return fees

Return costs are always the responsibility of the buyer, unless an amicable arrangement with us.

Return the item

  • If you contact us and find an agreement between you regarding your refund, you can also set a date for the return of the item. As soon as you have sent the tracking number of the package to the seller, he can cancel the transaction and send you the refund.
  • If you have not come to an arrangement for the return, and after reviewing the dispute we confirm that you are eligible for a refund, you will have 5 days to return the item to the address provided by the seller , via shipment with tracking number. Usually, we trigger the refund when the buyer provides us with the valid tracking number for returning the item to the seller.

Important: If you do not return the item within this 5-day period, the transaction will be validated, and the payment will be sent to the seller.

When will I receive my refund?

The reimbursement deadlines are as follows:

  • If you paid by credit card, you will receive your refund within 4 working days.
  • If you paid with the contents of your YOTTAMALL Wallet, you will receive your refund within a few hours.

If you paid part of your purchase with your Wallet, and the other part by credit card, the corresponding part of your refund will appear on your Wallet within a few hours, and the other part on your bank account , within 4 working days.

Note: Depending on the banks, your refund can take up to 15 days to appear in your bank account.

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