Date of last update: January 28, 2020

1. General

This Privacy Policy applies to the Online Platform operated by runadsboost OIOS, (“We”, or “YOTTAMALL”) at (“the Website”) and the associated application operated by Yottamall (“Application”). To contact us, please refer to paragraph 13 of this Privacy Policy.

The protection of your personal data is our priority! We do not sell or rent your personal data. We collect, store and process this data in accordance with legal provisions, and in particular Law n ° 78-17 of January 6, 1978, Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 27, 2016 relating to the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (General Data Protection Regulation) and any implementing legislation that may be taken. We only transmit your data to third parties if this is necessary for the provision of our services, if you have expressly consented to their transmission or if a legal obligation requires it.

However, the services we provide through the Website and / or the Application (together: the “Platform”) can only function if we manage to collect, store, transmit, delete and / or use some of your personal data Data (“Process” or “Processing”). Personal data is all information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (“Data”), such as your name, date of birth, address or email address.

This Privacy Policy specifies the Data we collect and the purposes for which we process it when you use the services we offer you on the Platform. This Privacy Policy also contains important information regarding the protection of your Data, in particular the rights you have over it.

Some services offered on our platform are provided by third parties. When using these services, the Data protection policies provided by these third party providers apply in addition to this Privacy Policy. These third parties are likely to obtain your consent relating to the processing of your Data prior to the use of their services.

This privacy policy supplements the Terms & Conditions of Use (see: https: //, the whole constituting the basis of your contract with Vinted974 concerning the use of the Platform (“User Agreement”). In the event of any conflict between the Terms and Conditions and this Privacy Policy, the provisions of this Privacy Policy shall prevail.

2. The data we process

2.1 Access to the Website and the Application

When you access the Website or the Application, even when you are not logged in as a member, we process the following Data (log files):

• the IP address of your device;

• the browser used by your device;

• the content and URLs you have accessed;

• the dates and times of access to the Platform

When you access the Platform using a mobile phone, the following additional Data (log files) are processed:

• the type of device and the manufacturer of your mobile device;

• the operating system used by your mobile device (iOS, Android).

In the absence of express consent, we only use the Personal Data mentioned in this section, and in particular the IP address, only (i) to the extent necessary for the provision of our services and / or (ii) for security purposes, in particular to prevent cyber attacks (e.g. Data captures or denial of service attacks) and unauthorized multiple logins.

2.2 Registration as a member

You must create a Yottamall account to be able to benefit from the services offered on our Platform, in particular to exchange through the Platform, use the electronic payment system or give feedback and communicate with other members. To this end, you must register as a member on the Website or on the Application. If you have a Facebook or Google account, you can sign up through any of these accounts.

(a) Registration via your Facebook or Google account

If you register with your Facebook or Google account, you will be redirected from our Website or our Application to the websites of Facebook or Google, where you will be asked to know

(b) Registration without a Google or Facebook account

If you do not wish to register via a Facebook or Google account, you must enter the following information on our Website or our Application:

• Member name (required to use the Platform)

• Email address (required to use the Platform)

•         Password

• Confirmation of the age of over 18 years.

Your username is visible to all site visitors and app users, excluding other information provided during registration. Your username may be a pseudonym and may not match your real name.

2.3 Finalizing your profile

After registering, you can optionally add more information about yourself to your profile in the “My settings” section of your YOTTAMALL account:

(a) Profile details

You can add the following Data under “Profile Data”:

• First name

• Gender

• Birthday

• Profile picture

•         About you

Your profile picture and the information entered in the “About you” field are visible to other visitors to the Website and users of the application, to the exclusion of other Data entered.

(b) My feed

You can indicate your shoe and clothing size under the “Edit my Feed” tab. These Data are not visible to other members.

(c) Sending

You can enter your address under the “Shipments” tab as well as a country and a place (town or district) where the item you are offering for sale is located (meeting point). The location you specify is visible to other members; however, so that it is not displayed to other members, you can set your location in the “My Settings” section under the “Privacy Settings” tab. The other members will then only be able to see an approximate location. The rest of the information you provide is not visible to visitors to the Website and users of the Application.

We will process your Data which is necessary to provide the sending services. The data transferred includes:

• First name

•         Last name

•         Address

•         City

•         Postal code

•         E-mail adress

• Telephone number

• Signature

• Address of the parcel relay point

• Date and time of parcel delivery

• Parcel tracking number

• Location of the package

(d) Payment

You can enter under the tab “Payment” the bank details (name of the account holder and IBAN) of the account to which the buyers of the goods you sell on the platform must make the payments. To make it easier for you, you can enter your bank details under the “Payment” tab. Otherwise, your bank details are not visible to anyone.

2.4 Use of the Platform to carry out transactions

We store and process Data relating to your business activity on the Platform (e.g. item, price, time of transaction, etc.). You can view this information on your account by viewing the summary of your transactions.

If you sell goods through our Platform, we also collect Additional Data that you generate when you create offers on the Platform, in particular photos and videos of the goods offered, as well as texts and other information about the description of the goods. (e.g. brand, price, size, condition, color, etc.), information on the accepted payment method, location, comments on the goods, etc. This Data is visible to visitors to the Website and users of the Application.

We may also ask you to provide us with proof of direct debit authorization (i.e. bank statement, phone verification, screenshot of your PayPal account, or photo of your bank card).

2.5 Use of the STRIPE electronic payment system

(a) Creation of an electronic wallet

If you make your payment by credit card, PayPal, receive payment from a buyer using these payment methods, or use other paid services on the Platform, the corresponding transaction will be processed through our electronic payment system STRIPE. . For this, you must create an electronic wallet on the Platform (called a “Wallet” on the platform) and provide us with the following Data (which we transmit to STRIPE):

•         Last name

• First name

•         Date of Birth

•         Billing address

• Telephone number

•         E-mail adress

(b) Payment by STRIPE

When you use the STRIPE electronic payment system to make your payment, STRIPE collects the relevant payment information depending on the payment method chosen (eg credit card, PayPal). Payment is then made via STRIPE and any payment service provider you have selected (eg PayPal). In this case, the provisions relating to the protection of Data of STRIPE and of the corresponding payment service provider apply. You can find more information on the payment process and payment service providers in paragraph 6 of our Terms & Conditions of Use ( When using the credit card payment method, Yottamall only receives the last four digits of your credit card number. We only use this information for payment confirmation and fraud prevention purposes.

2.6 Communication, comments, evaluations

We collect the following Data when using our services:

• messages that you exchange with other members via the Platform.

• your participation in the forum.

• the comments you give to other members’ offers.

• the evaluations you provide

• your communications with other users.

Please note that for technical reasons, these contents remain accessible after the termination of your user agreement, but without notification of your member name and with a mention that the contents come from a member who has been deleted (see also our Terms & Conditions of Use:

2.7 Location data when using the Application or certain internet browsers

When you register with Yottamall, we process the Location Data collected from your app or web browser (as it appears in your IP address). This Data (your country, your city) will be displayed on your profile. You can change your city information at any time.

3. Why we process your Data

Unless otherwise specified in part 2 above, we process your Data for the following purposes.

3.1 Provision of our services

We process your Data for the proper execution of the User Agreement, to provide you with the services offered on our Platform, in particular for the purpose of:

• allow the buying and selling of items;

• provide shipping services through our partners;

• enable electronic payment processing for goods bought and sold on the Platform;

• verify your identity and your personal data;

• allow communication with other members;

• send messages to the extent that this is necessary to provide our services;

• provide an overview of your transactions on the Platform (transaction history);

• display the offers of other members that match your profile (as described in paragraph 3.6 below);

• be able to view offers in your region, which allows you to conduct transactions near you, save on shipping costs or meet other members in your region (location-based services);

• to be able to offer our services without technical errors, to detect and correct any errors;

• protect you if we identify content of a suicidal nature (as described in paragraph 3.7 below).

3.2 Enforcement of legal claims, improvement of the Platform, prevention and detection of unauthorized activities, system security.

We also process your Data to protect the legitimate interests of Yottamall and / or the following third parties:

• Dispute resolution, implementation of our Terms & Conditions of Use and claims, handling of claims.

• Analysis and evaluation of the use of our Platform for the continuous improvement of our products and services.

• Prevention, investigation and prosecution of illegal activities, including cases of fraud.

• For security reasons, by assigning each member a “trust score” by means of an algorithm and maintaining a blacklist of personal user data that suggests illegal activity. “The trust score” indicates the probability of abuse in the use of the Platform. Our algorithm takes into account user messages on the forum, messages sent to other users, articles posted on the platform, transactions, reports of a user by other users, information appearing on the profile and user contact details, violations of our Terms and Conditions of Use, IP addresses, fingerprints or any other information the user provides to us. When a user’s rating reaches a certain threshold, the user’s use of the platform is restricted or we ask the user to verify their phone number.

• In order to display on your device the latest version of our platform, updated to correspond to the Law for a Digital Republic, we collect your location data (country), when you are in France.

• Guarantee of the security of the Platform system, protection of Data stored by us, detection of cyber attacks or other threats against the integrity of the Platform.

• Fulfillment of tax obligations.

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